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Vaša rezervácia je platná od zaplatenia


Our main tasting room bears the name of the patron of all beekeepers. The unforgettable atmosphere of this space is created by an exceptional work of architects and master craftsmen in the form of honeycomb made of fused glass, massive oak tables with a burned relief showing the elements and quotes from the world of bees, or walls lined with natural burl wood.

The presence of these elements will give you an unforgettable experience and support all sensations while enjoying every sip of magical mead. In addition to several types of tasting, we can also prepare your family celebration or company party in Ambrosianum.

Honey Tower

We have something to be proud of

Awards which we receive regularly from competitions worldwide, testify to the quality of our products, and can be seen during tastings and tours when climbing the Honey Tower. It also includes a monumental honey drop of gigantic proportions.