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Vaša rezervácia je platná od zaplatenia


Rose growing tradition has strong roots in Dolná Krupá. This was largely due to Countess Maria Henrietta Chotek, who lived in the manor house from 1863 to 1946; its park is directly adjacent to Medolandia. Her rose garden ranked among the largest on the European continent with its diversity of varieties. With her persistent work and enthusiasm for roses, she not only won recognition from the professional public, but also from the Dolná Krupá inhabitants who began to call her the ‘Rose Countess’. She was also a great inspiration for us in building this beautiful place. We managed to preserve her memory by using her name in the names of the Maria Henrietta Restaurant or the Rose Countess’s Lounge as well as by creating the largest private rosarium in Slovakia.

We have planted more than 1,000 roses right here, just a few metres from the Countess’s original garden. One of them is Rosengräfin Marie Henriette (Rose Countess Maria Henrietta) which was bred in her honour on the occasion of 150th anniversary of her birth by world famous German rose breeding company KORDES. We use the leaves of this unusually beautiful and fragrant rose in the production of our excellent Maria Henrieta mead. Come and enjoy the splendour of thousands of roses and experience the authenticity of this place that connects the past and the present.